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Thought conditioning Archive (КОГДА ВСЁ ДОСТАЛО Ч.2)
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Исполнитель: Archive (КОГДА ВСЁ ДОСТАЛО Ч.2)

Название mp3: Thought conditioning

Длительность: 03:39

Добавлен: 2015-12-08

Прослушали: 176


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Текст песни:

Your misguided mind seeks presence of a greater
From around the equator as we move via soul, via sound
Surrounds all verbalization nation never will it be like the same way again
So they blend human nature in the excess
Less you know the whole combination of a paragraphs genetic complex
Many pages in the book
Through the ages take a look out of a room with a dark view
View a time I never knew and I'm never gonna be without drive on the highways taken
Making every move, with a brain swift and nimble as a being I resemble my god
It's hard and I recognize and deliver from the me to me, seem to be
High society, are down low, showing all out
Out of body experience, looking at your own reflection
Correct mind thought conditioning

Thought conditioning, thought conditioning…

Cast a revelation for the time of day, eventual panic attacks me
But I come back with a new determination
Knock wood, street solid rock, clock tick a time
Are you inclined to be the anonymous
I'm ever living like Israelite, those who funk faking
We're breaking now that were taking it out of sight
Like a spark, dynamite ignite, light a flame fire burn
Live and learn, no cause for your concern
Never antagonize me, fear is not always overcome
Some thrive on this, live on this stratosphere
We near a new day, fear inside us all you know you can't deny it
I, keep on stepping use minds, lethal weapon
It's time being taken, history is in the making, by the day
Hold a thought for the ones that slept
But to me dignity was like kept, we're in the line of fire
I will not break or take your petty excuse for the lack of punctuation
Natures on the down slope, still I stand vertical position
Three ways intuition over paths of belief
I keep it brief and let your own interpretation
Know the real meaning of my alternative
It wrecks typical, from the back I will speech my peace
My release will let the hard times cease

Thought conditioning, thought conditioning…

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