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Исполнитель: Area of Defect

Название mp3: Angels on the Battlefield

Длительность: 04:30

Добавлен: 2015-12-06

Прослушали: 420


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Текст песни:

O Summonitores de Runeterra
Testimonium infinem
De hoc bellum aeternam

Angeli bonum de caelo
Angeli malum de infernum
Dona nobis victoria
Dona nobis victoria

I'm the black sheep- I may have fallen from grace
But my powers' only grown since they sucked me through space
Ima have my revenge, pound you harder than the bass
Ima shackle your Soul, keep you here in my embrace
Spend a level in lane with me- I see that youre finding
I'm a mid lane butcher, and you're the sausage I'm grinding
Come splash in my puddle and enjoy a dark binding
Not all angels are good, do you need some reminding?
Captain Africa America I brought me a black shield
Run straight through your spells like Im doin track and field
When I Siphon your Soul it's a cut that don't heal
Im a spell vampire and you're my next meal
Zhonya's in a teamfight and you're gonna hear an ACE
More deadly than a staff inflection Ima p-p-pwn your face
Wings with no feathers and a skirt with no top
You know you wanna grab Morgana- they surrender when the beat drop

Angeli bonum de caelo
Angeli malum de infernum
Dona nobis victoria
Dona nobis victoria

Filled with holy fervor I never tire, never expire
My wrath is pure like my desire
I'll light your funeral pyre
With zealous fire, situations lookin dire
Beautiful and deadly, aint nobody lookin flyer
I'm the legend in this League- write my ballads on the lyre
Have em sing it in the choir
When I acquire what I require I'll no longer be a sword for hire
Cleanse the evils of the universe before I retire
Lead me to battle- justice is beckoning
Judge and the jury, I'll give the evil their reckoning
Sweep your lanes top to bottom like a broom in a blitzkrieg
Better smoke if you got em, sure youre not in the wrong league?
Intervention! Do it big, I go eye for an eye hard
Get denied hard, John McClain-I Die Hard
Ima stack mejais hard, I'll teach you all about the afterlife
Cuz Im invulnerable try hard

Angeli bonum de caelo
Angeli malum de infernum
Dona nobis victoria
Dona nobis victoria

Im a nuclear bomb of dark energy
Aint nobody in the league as vile as me
The ground that I walk on boils with corruption
Fellas cant help but notice I sway with voluption

Im like Jesus' swiss army knife- I'm 5 different banes
Of the evils of Runeterra in the jungle and in all the lanes
Im dps, Im support, im a pusher, im a farmer
Im the rapture on wings and in battle armor

They call me fallen, I cant help but love it
Since I didn't so much fall as I told Kayle to shove it
If you ever doubt the power or the majesty of it
Just look up that Pentakill with my picture above it

Every champ on your team is an epic fail
So how you gonna step to this epic Kayle?
Cuz my steel's tempered, and my tempers' steeled
Better call up Danny Glover, cuz theres Angels on the Battlefield

Non iustitia non pacem
Usque cadent in sorrores angeli

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