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Show Me The Way Bad Boys Blue
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Исполнитель: Bad Boys Blue

Название mp3: Show Me The Way

Длительность: 03:48

Добавлен: 2015-05-01

Прослушали: 577


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Текст песни:

All the lonely nights
Are full of shadows.
Cause you went away.
I walk Alone a million miles.
And I nearly died
Cause my lucky star
Is gonna fade to gray.
I feel alone a Million times.
And you push me down on the floor.

Show Me The Way
Back away from the past.
Back to the future.
The way out of the dark.

Show Me The Way
And how long it might last.
I'll keep on searching the door
To you heart.

Anywhere you go.
I'll be waiting for you.
Anywhere you stay.

I will build up a dream.
A Life toned of love
Made of thousands of stars.
Don't let me live in the past.

We're running fast and playing our games. Faster all the time. You're such
A mystery to me.
And the wind that blows, becomes a storm. Gonna make me lose my mind.
You're full of sensuality. Oh I want you here by my side.

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