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Мурка Татьяна Кабанова
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Исполнитель: Татьяна Кабанова

Название mp3: Мурка

Длительность: 04:34

Добавлен: 2016-10-12

Прослушали: 484


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Текст песни:

Arrived in Odessa gang from the Volga
In the gang had been thieves, tricksters.
The gang was engaged in shady deals,
And watched her Cheka

It kept woman. Her name was Murka.
Cunning and courageous was.
Even the evil thieves - and they were afraid of Murka.
Thieves' life she led.

Murka, you're my murenochek.
Murka, you're my little kitten.
Murka, Maroussia Klimova
Just love.

But the failures have gone. The roundup.
Much has been our reach.
How soon, who also became the mutt,
To punish for treason?

Time went on it, wanted to drink.
We went into a posh restaurant.
Murka was sitting there in a leather jacket,
And from the skirt sticking out his revolver.

Hey, what's the matter? What have you had?
Do you think I'm not dressed?
Rings and bracelets, skirts and jackets
Do you think I'm not earned?

Hello, my Murka, hello, dear.
Hello, my Murka, and farewell.
You zashuherila our whole raspberries
And for that bullet for you!

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