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Until I'm Gone Alloise feat. Gorchitza
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Исполнитель: Alloise feat. Gorchitza

Название mp3: Until I'm Gone

Длительность: 04:22

Добавлен: 2015-12-06

Прослушали: 397


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Текст песни:

Until I am gone

lyrics: alloise
music: a.gorchitza, alloise

What is there to hide?
I see through, I see through you
What is there in your life
That keeps you blinded, I know you're blinded
Everything's a lie
Nothing's left of better days
That's how you justify
Only God knows - and that is what you say

You can't wait until I'm gone

Try to hide but nothing gets better
Try to fight but everything just goes wrong
Try to smile as if pain doesn't matter
So it's on and on to make me strong
Try to burn what's false in the morning
Through the thoughts that trouble me all night long
There's no one to save me from drowning
And you can't wait until I'm gone

I'm not your baby
I won't let you see my crying
we made a prison for ourselves
and that's how we live - drowning slowly
Everything's a lie
and nothing's left of better days
that's when you realize -
your God won't listen when you pray

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